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bedroom gadgets the geek cat needs

With the weather getting colder and colder all I can think of is my bedroom and lying and stretching like a cat under  fluffy warm coverings. No wonder why my mum (it’s her again) calls me a cat. Truth is I sometimes feel I was born on the wrong continent and always wished I lived where it’s always summer or  could at least find a way to move where spring and summer go when they leave my country every six months. As a real geek cat I compiled a list today of the most wanted bedroom gadgets to make winter cuddling better until warmer weather settles back in. Bedroom gadgets that will make a geek cat’s life in bed easier! bedroom gadgets Basics include (1.) soft cuddly fabrics to purrrr on for as long as I need [ZARA Home fur blanket], (2.) stacks of books and of course (3.) a laptop stand so that I can browse the web in the most comfy way. When in bed, I love making plans and (4.) a globe is just perfect to plan my next trip to a (hopefully) warmer place [Levitron Anti-Gravity globe]. bedroom gadgetsA geek cat’s bedroom is not cold and full of metal tech devices only. It’s also a welcome place for the cat itself and a no-entrance space for intruders who might ruin her day so a (1). Door hanger to keep away the unwanted ones is a must-have [I found mine on Etsy] (2.) a luminous Pillow Teddy Bear to add some warmth (buy it here) (3.) The perfect DIY sidetable for my stack of books and notebooks (see how you can make yours here), (4.) a  sorry we are closed, sleeping mask in case anyone manages to enter my room (buy it here) and (5.) a Galaxy Night light to transform my bedroom into space itself (get it here).

breakfast in bed

And last but not least the ultimate gadget! An alarm clock that will not just wake you up but make breakfast in bed for you as well! Gush! I just love technology! thegeekcat